St. Teresa of Avila Religious Education Program
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Contact Us:

Phone: (908) 273-6975 x104

Director of Religious Education (Grades 1-7): 

Position to be filled for 2015-2016

Program Administrator:

Margaret Strong 

Confirmation Coordinator:

Brian Flanagan

FIAT Ventures

Youth Minister:

Tim Margiotta

FIAT Ventures




Summer Office Hours: 

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

9:00 AM-1:00 PM 

 May be closed certain weeks in August

due to vacations and work in school building.



REGISTRATION OPENS:  Religious Ed registration is officially open for Fall classes in all grades. Please contact Margaret Strong regarding any questions about registration or financial aid


Fall classes begin the week of September 20th for grades 1-7.






Catechist Information

We are always looking for dedicated people who want to share their faith with our youth. We are currently looking for catechists to teach in the Fall. If you are unable to commitment to being a full time catechist or middle school facilitator and would like to substitute for us on occasion, please fill out the application below. All catechists and subs will need to complete the 2-hour Protecting God's Children (PGC) workshop if they have not done so within the past 3 years.  To located a PGC workshop, please click on the PGC link below.

New catechists click here for application

Returning catechists click here


Protecting God's Children Workshop Schedule: Click here; at site scroll down on the right for workshop schedule.


Policies and Procedures

The first link below accesses our 2015-2016 handbook which gives comprehensive information about our mission, programs, policies and procedures.  The second link below will access our  calendar for 2015-2016.  The calendar will provide upcoming classes, events, and etc. for Grades 1-9. We update this regularly.

Handbook: Click here to download a 2015-16 handbook

Click Here to Download Calendar

Service Log (Grade 6 & 7): Click here for a copy

Deeds of Mercy service log Grade 8 click here


About Us

Our mission is to educate, form and transform persons into disciples of Christ and to foster responsible participation in the life, work and mission of the Church.


We are also a resource to parish families in the faith formation of their children and to provide them with opportunities to grow in faith, live the Gospel message and witness to Jesus Christ.


St. Teresa of Avila is dedicated to making your experience of church the best it can be.  Jesus Christ must be the center of all we do.